Oracle Weblogic Training Certification

Oracle Weblogic Training Certification

Course Duration : 60 Hours Hours
Certification : Yes
Assignments : Yes
Interview Questions : Yes
Resume Preparation : Yes

This course introduces the student to Oracle WebLogic 12c. Students will learn skills necessary to understand basic WebLogic concepts and administrative tasks. At the end of this course the student will learn how to install WebLogic, create WebLogic domains, and administer WebLogic. This course is geared toward administrators, developers, or architects who are looking to understand fundamental WebLogic concepts and how to spin up a WebLogic environment quickly. Screencasts will be used so the student can follow along at home. There will also be lab exercises and a quiz that can be done by the student offline to further develop their skills.

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Training Content


You will monitor application server using command-line tools and GUI such as automation scripts. Describe the architecture of WebLogic Server including servers, domains, and machines Install, and use WebLogic Server to configure. You will perform routine Oracle WebLogic Server administration functions. Set up a cluster of servers and distribute applications to the cluster. Configure Oracle HTTP Server as the Web-tier front end for Oracle WebLogic Server instances and clusters. Deploy different types of Java EE applications to Oracle WebLogic Server. Deploy and manage large-scale Java EE applications to servers or clusters through the entire development and production lifecycle. Configure basic resource and application security Backup and recovery from various failures

Who Should Attend

• This course is meant for developers, administrators, or architects looking to gain a basic understanding of WebLogic from installation of WebLogic to creating a WebLogic domain. • This course is not intended for those experienced with Oracle WebLogic 12c.

Prerequisites For Oracle Weblogic Training Certification

• A basic understanding of web development and application servers. • A computer capable of installing and running Oracle WebLogic • Oracle WebLogic 12c Installer

Curriculum for Oracle Weblogic Training Certification

Lesson 1: Introduction to Weblogic, History and Admin Tasks & Tools Lesson 2: Weblogic Architecture, Domain and Domain Home Lesson 3: Types of Servers, Cluster and Dynamic Cluster 12c Lesson 4: JDBC, JMS, Node Manager, Security Realm and MultiTenancy

Lesson 1: Installation Overview Lesson 2: Configure Domain Overview Lesson 3: Directory Binaries & Domain and JDK Installation Lesson 4: Install Weblogic Server 12c & Configure Domain Weblogic 12c Lesson 5: Extending Domain and Install Configure Hands-on Exercise

Lesson 1: Directory Structure Weblogic Server Lesson 2: Domain Configuration Lesson 3: Start-Stop Admin & Managed Server Lesson 4: Start-Stop Node Manager Lesson 5: Enabling Auto Login by Using the Boot Identity File

Lesson 1: Introduction and Need of Admin Console Lesson 2: Introduction to FMW Control Lesson 3: What can we do with FMW Control Lesson 4: FMW Control VS WLS Admin Console & QA

Lesson 1: Overview of JDBC Lesson 2: Types of Data Sources Lesson 3: How Data Source Works Lesson 4: Overview and Types of Applications Lesson 5: Deployment Staging Modes and Q&A

Lesson 1: Overview of JMS Lesson 2: JMS Server Migratable Targets & JMS Modules Lesson 3: JMS SubDeployment& JMS Destinations & JMS Bridge

Lesson 1: Overview of Cluster Lesson 2: Pack Unpack & Demo on HA Clustering Lesson 3: Dynamic Cluster & Cluster Messaging Communication Lesson 4: JNDI WL Domain Lesson 5: Load Balancing Algorithms Lesson 6: Cluster Topologies & Demo on JNDI and Dynamic Cluster

Lesson 1: Create User Group with Default Authentication Lesson 2: Light Weight Directory Access Protocol & Demo on User Group LDAP Lesson 3: SSL Communication Lesson 4: Public & Private Key & SSL Certificate Lesson 5: KeyStore Lesson 6: SSL OHS &Weblogic Server & MOD WL OHS

Lesson 1: Patching in FMW_ What, Why & How Lesson 2: Find Recommended Patch Lesson 3: Opatch Patching Oracle Homes & BSU Patching Weblogic Homes Lesson 4: PSA Patching FMW Schema Lesson 5: Upgrade Lesson 6: Patching & Upgrade Practical

Lesson 1: Backup Overview & Types of Backup Lesson 2: Directory or Component to Backup & Backup Tools & Strategy Lesson 3: Overview of Recovery, Backup Recommendations & QA

Lesson 1: Weblogic profiling & Performance Tuning Process Lesson 2: Performance Factors & Operating System Kernel paramsTuning Lesson 3: Heap Size Tuning & Monitoring JVM Performance Lesson 4: JVM,JDBC& JMS Tuning Lesson 5: JVM Memory Structure & GC Algorithms

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