Mulesoft Sample Resumes

Mulesoft Sample Resume 2-5 Years Experience

MuleSoft Developer

MuleSoft Developer –CreditSafe

Hyderabad, Telangana


·         Over 4.3+ years of experience in analysis, design, implementation and testing of software applications that includes Mule ESB, EAI and Axway B2Bi.

·         2+ years of extensive implementation experience in Mule ESB over Anypoint Studio, Anypoint Cloud-Hub.

·         Extensive experience in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle that includes understanding requirement, technical analysis, design, development, Integration, implementation and testing of various applications.

·         Experience in Waterfall & Agile development methodologies.

·         Strong experience with Mule ESB (3.8.x), Mule API, Mule Anypoint Studio, and Mule Cloudhub and RAML.

·         Experience on creating Flows, Sub Flows, Exception strategy, DataWeave transformation.

·         Worked on different mule connectors AmazonS3, DB, HTTP, VM, Web Service Consumer, JMS, Salesforceetc as a part of integration usage.

·         Having experience in designing MUnit test cases for Testing application and check coverage reports.

·         Have experience in Mule Expression Language (MEL) - to access and evaluate the data in the payload, properties and variables of a Mule message.

·         Worked on Atlassianproducts which includes version control/tracking systems like Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Bamboo.

·         Extensively used Maven as build script for application build and deployment.

·         Implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for Mule Applications.

·         Have good knowledge on Dataweave, contributing on Mulesoft Forum support related to Dataweave mappings and stuff.

·         Efficient in developing new components (Message Builder Components and Maps) in Axway B2Bi.

·         Troubleshooting EDI transactions and B2B flow related issues.

·         Extensive experience on document standards such as XML, Flat files, CSV, EDIFACT and ANSI X12.



ESB & EAI: Mule ESB, Axway Integration

·         Programming Languages: Core Java, MySQL, Groovy

·         Bases and Clients: Oracle, MS SQL, DBeaver

·         Web Services IDE & Integration Tools: Anypoint Studio, Eclipse

·         Data: SOAP, REST, WSDL, XML

·         Web/application Servers: Apache Tomcat

·         Version Controlling tools: Bitbucket

·         Defects Tracking & Build Tools, Documentation: JIRA, Maven, Confluence
CI/CD: Bamboo


Work Experience
MuleSoft Developer



February 2018 to Present

Feb 2018 to Present
Creditsafe is the world's most-used supplier of on-line company credit reports, supplying quality data on over 240 million companies to 90, 000 customers around the globe. Privately owned and independently minded, it is changing the way business information is used.
Role: MuleSoft Developer


·         Have been working on API's which had API-led connectivity approach.

·         Carried out new implementations, changes related to API's in a System, Process.

·         Involved in implementation of Microservices architecture among all the API's.
Worked on MuleSoft Anypoint API platform on designing and implementing Mule API.

·         Follows the guidelines of agile methodologies, active participant in Sprint planning.

·         Developed MUnit test cases to API's on 3 layered architecture. Deployed applications to cloudhub, configuring policies, API Manager settings.

·         Used Collection splitter and Aggregator to collect small chuck of message to transform in to require payload

·         Working knowledge with Bitbucket as a repository and used Maven, Bamboo for Build and deployment respectively.

·         Have been doing health check to all applications on Cloudhub for Production server.

Environment: Anypoint Studio, Java 1.6, Eclipse, Munit, WSDL, SOAP, MULE Runtime 3.9.1, Jira, MySQL, Oracle-SQL, Groovy.

2. Project: Volvo
MuleSoft Developer



January 2017 to February 2018


·         Developed ETL flows which includes extracting data, transforming and loading to other destinations.

·         Follows the guidelines of agile methodologies or SDLC for project management.

·         Utilized various connectors such as FTP, SMTP, poll scope, and Database in different workflows.

·         Have configured MUnit test cases to validate the Mule flows.

·         Developed integration workflows using an ESB framework and implemented complex

·         Transformations using DataWeave.

·         Polling from SQL database at schedule intervals.

·         Configured Object store connector to perform operations like store an object, retrieve, retrieve all keys etc from the Object store.

·         Developing Mule ESB projects for the services with synchronous and asynchronous Mule flows.

·         Configured Mule service flows with various exception handling strategies such as Global Exception, Catch Exception and Choice Exception Strategies that notifies the user with custom and simple error descriptions.

·         Used MEL (Mule Expression Language), an expression language that provides a consistent, standardized way to work with a Mule message's payload, properties and variables.

·         Implemented end to end integration of applications using database connectors, transformers.

·         Used Database Connector to connect with MS SQL server and Oracle using Mule ESB.

·         Worked with salesforce connector for upserting, creating, and querying account information into salesforce.

3. Project: GROUPECAT
EDI/Axway B2Bi Developer



January 2015 to December 2016

   Jan 2015 to Dec 2016
Domain: Manufacturing & Logistics
Client is a leading global automotive logistics handler and digitally trades with partners in the form of different message types - flat files, EDIFACT, XML, IDOC or custom format messages and messages from Oracle and MS SQL databases. Axway Integrator and Axway B2Bi is used as a middle ware to route and transform the messages from one form to another.
Role: EDI/Axway B2Bi Developer


·         Designing and Implementing End to End Solution for customer's business activities.

·         Migration of custom maps and messaging system to another platform.

·         Designed new messaging model for B2B activities and executed it successfully to handle higher message inflow and outflow.

·         Migration of current development and production environment to latest underlying hardware and software to meet business requirements.

·         Involved in production support, trouble-shooting the day to day issues of the application, preparing the documents of developed maps, Production deployment documents.

·         Have good knowledge on Integrator and Interchange part of Axway B2Bi.
Good Knowledge on MBC Programming.

·         Have worked on gathering requirements and setting up partner profiles, community, Agreements in Axway B2Bi.

·         Troubleshooting product and environment related issues.

Software Developer



1. Backend API developer using MuleSoft
2. Good knowledge on MuleProducts like AnypointStudio, CloudHub.
3. Implemented CI/CD.



SRM University


Integration (Less than 1 year), MuleSoft (Less than 1 year), API (Less than 1 year), CloudHub(Less than 1 year), MySql (Less than 1 year)