Selenium Tutorial


What is Selenium?

Selenium is a free open source automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms. It is quite similar to HP Quick Test Pro QTP now UFT only that Selenium focuses on automating web-based applications. Testing done using Selenium tool is usually referred as Selenium Testing.

Selenium is not just a single tool but a suite of software's, each catering to different testing needs of an organization. It has four components.

·         Selenium Integrated Development Environment IDE

·         Selenium Remote Control RC

·         Web Driver

·         Selenium Grid

 What is selenium testing?

Selenium is a portable software-testing framework for web applications. Selenium provides a playback formerly also recording Tool for authoring tests without the need to learn a test scripting language Selenium IDE. The tests can then run against most modern web browsers.

Selenium Testing

Today, sildenafil the most successful and widely accepted mode for automated website testing, especially for testing graphical user interfaces and functionality of web-based applications is to use Selenium testing tool based framework.

 What is selenium framework?

Here I provide a clear outline of framework, Test automation frameworks, and types of Test Automation Framework, elements and advantages of Test Automation Framework etc…

A system is evaluated to be a mixture of set conventions, principles, norms and rules that can be joined or taken after in general in order to use the advantages of the platform given by the Framework.

Test Automation Framework

A Test Automation Framework is the platform that is planned to give an effect situation to the computerization test contents. The system gives the client different advantages that assist them to create execute and report the computerisation test contents proficiently. It is more similar to a framework that has made particularly to computerize our tests. Since we have an essential thought of what is an Automation Framework, in this segment we would harbinger you with the different sorts of Test Automation Frameworks those are accessible in the commercial centre. We would likewise attempt shed lights over their upsides and downsides and convenience proposals selenium training online. There is a unique scope of Automation Frameworks accessible these days. These systems may vary from each other in light of their help to various key variables to do robotization like transformable, the simplicity of upkeep and so forth.

Give us a chance to examine a couple of most famously utilized Test Automation Frameworks:

·         Module Based Testing Framework

·         Library Architecture Testing Framework

·         Information Driven Testing Framework

·         Catchphrase Driven Testing Framework

·         Half and half Testing Framework

·         Conduct Driven Development Framework

Why selenium is used

Why Selenium is used widely across the world than other test automation tools. A few attractive features of selenium will provide you the answer.

·         Selenium is a free and open source and hence no license fee will have to be paid. This reduced the cost of testing which helps to reduce the product price considerably. In a highly competitive market, along with quality, the price of the product is also influencing the success of a product.

·         Selenium is multi-platform friendly and compatible with multiple browsers. Thus, it can be used with people who are familiar with different platforms and different browsers.

·         Selenium supports multiple programming languages and hence there is no need to learn a specific language to master selenium. This has helped people who are comfortable with different programming languages to use selenium.


How selenium works

We have seen many topics on Selenium ranging from working from Selenium IDE to Creating a data automatic framework in Selenium, but let’s turn back our attention on how Selenium actually works. Since we have seen all the magic selenium has did for us by just writing very simple codes. Did we ever thought how selenium opens a browser, the pages and communicates with the pages and perform operations we have specified in the code we have written Did you ever heard about Sleekness Do you know Selenium server actually understand only Selenese command

Well we are going to discuss all the above questions in this topic of how Selenium works

We know there is a Selenium Server Selenium RC Server, Selenium Client driver specific to languages such as C#, JAVA etc and we use them in our famous Eclipse IDE for writing code.

 How to use selenium

Selenium is meant for long term projects. You can't use Selenium for short term project unless there is lot of regression testing involved. If you want to test software using selenium, you have to learn basics of testing framework and you have to include your test scripts in that framework.

Testing frameworks involves lots of cost and time consuming process. Selenium is well suited for Product based companies. If you want to learn selenium, you should be good in Core java and Html scrapping. Web driver is a heart of Selenium. Once you are done with framework, you can save lots of time and money which is required for manual testing.

 How to use selenium web driver

To use Testing with Selenium, you can download Testing plug-in for Eclipse from Eclipse Marketplace. Search for Testing plug-in and download/install it. Active Internet connection is required to complete the step. To check whether Testing is installed, go to Window -> Preferences. Check for Testing in the left column, if it is present Testing is successfully installed in Eclipse. Once the installation is complete, create a new java project. Right click on project, go to Build path -> Configure Build Paths -> Add Library -> Select Testing and click Finish.

 What is selenium web driver?

Selenium Web Driver supports many more powerful features which are not supported in the primitive Selenium rc 1.x. Learning curve for Selenium Web Driver is less, as you don’t need to have knowledge of Selenium RC and you can directly start working on Web Driver. One advantage over Selenium testing on RC is that you don’t need to start the server prior to executing test scripts. The goal of the Web Driver’s to provide a well-designed object-oriented API which gives you the enhanced hold up for modern advanced web-app testing problems. Also Web Driver is supporting dynamic web pages where elements of a page may change without the page itself being reloaded. The main contribution of Selenium Web Driver is that it’s API and the native drivers.

 Selenium element locators

Selenium utilizes what is called locators to discover and coordinate the components of your page that it needs to interface with. There are 8 locators systems incorporated into Selenium:

•           Identifier

•           Id

•           Name

•           Link

•           DOM

•           XPath

•           CSS

•           UI-component

 Selenium server standalone

Selenium Server Standalone - he Selenium Server is required so as to run Remote Selenium Web Driver, and this server is given by the Selenium Jar, named Selenium Server Standalone container. Selenium Grid are the servers which mixes in conveyed hubs. It offers you to run your selenium test on isolated machines in various kinds’ surroundings. This is incredible chances, in light of the fact that your tests can run parallels and utilize diverse programs for testing.

Selenium installation

In this part, we will introduce Selenium Web Driver utilizing JAVA dialect and design it with decline MARS.1 form. The following are the means.

Stage 1: Install Java on your PC: ...

Stage 2: Install Eclipse IDE: ...

Stage 3 – Download the Selenium Java Client Driver. ...

Stage 4: Configure Eclipse IDE with Web Driver.

 Selenium framework

There are three unique sorts of Frameworks in Selenium, so as to comprehend that, let us initially comprehend what selenium Framework is Selenium system is a code structure for making code support less difficult, and code intelligibility better. A system includes breaking the whole code into littler bits of code, which test a specific usefulness. The code is organized with the end goal that, the informational index is isolated from the genuine experiment which will test the usefulness of the web application. It can likewise be organized in a way wherein, the experiments which should be executed are called summoned from an outside application

There are various systems out there, yet 3 generally utilized Selenium structures are:

•           Data Driven system

•           Keyword Driven system

•           Hybrid system

Selenium testing tool

Selenium is a suite of devices and convenient programming testing structure that underpins mechanize web application testing crosswise over numerous stages. It is an online robotization apparatus. It underpins different programs on different stages. It is fundamentally created in Java Script and program advances and consequently underpins all the significant programs on every one of the stages.

Selenium gives a record/playback device for writing tests without taking in a test scripting dialect. The tests can be composed as HTML tables or coded in various prominent programming dialects and can be run straightforwardly in most current internet browsers. Selenium can be sent on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. It has ties for some, unique dialects counting Java, Python, Perl, C# and PHP. With it you can make a suite of tests which can run tests in different programs counting IE, Opera, Firefox and Safari.

·         Selenium Supported programs are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Sea monkey.

·         Selenium Supported Programming dialects are C# Dot Net, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, and PHP.

 Selenium framework types

All things considered, here are a few apparatuses/data that may valuable to you.

Selenium's instruments Suite

1 > Selenium IDE:-

- It is a Firefox program module, used to make and execute Test Cases.

Selenium IDE Features:-

- Create Test Cases, Test Suites We Can Record Test Cases or type test steps utilizing component locators and sleekness directions

- Execute Test Cases, Test Suites

- Debug Test Cases Step by step

- Enhance Test Case Edit

- - - -

Downsides of Selenium IDE:-

- It underpins just Mozilla Firefox.

- It doesn't bolster programming rationale/Features to upgrade test cases.

- It doesn’t bolster information Driven Testing.

- It isn't Suitable for Complex Test Case structure.

- No Centralized support of articles/Elements

- - - -

2> Selenium Web Driver

- It is a programming interface to make and execute Test Cases

- - - -

Selenium IDE has IDE however doesn’t have programming interface

Selenium Web Driver has Programming interface however doesn't have IDE

UFT/QTP has both IDE and additionally programming interface

- - - -

- Selenium Web Driver Supports Various Programming Environments to compose programs.







- Using Element/Object locators/Properties and web driver techniques we can make and execute test cases

- Selenium web driver underpins different programs to make and execute experiment/test content/test

Note: - Browser Driver varies one program to another.

- Selenium Web Driver supports different working situations

MS Window



 Selenium web services

In 2006 a fearless architect at Google named Simon Stewart began take a shot at a task he called Web Driver. Google had for some time been a substantial client of Selenium, yet analyzers needed to work around the constraints of the item. Simon needed a testing apparatus that spoke straightforwardly to the program utilizing the local strategy for the program and working framework, hence keeping away from the confinements of a sandboxed JavaScript condition. All usage of Web Driver that speaks with internet browsers will utilize a typical wire convention. This wire convention characterizes a Restful web benefit utilizing JSON over HTTP.

At the point when prevalent internet browsers engineers started to receive and institutionalize the convention, Selenium Web Driver turned into the true method to do utilitarian robotized testing for web applications.

I might want to include a vital note:

 Selenium Web Driver isn't a trying device to put into versus flooding all product testing gatherings and social sites. It's only a building square - and the most essential one - for present day web computerized testing instruments. Individuals are utilizing Selenium Web Driver to set up their own in-house structures or to grow free apparatuses for network