Emc Training

Emc Training

Course Duration : 30 Hours
Certification : Yes
Assignments : Yes
Interview Questions : Yes
Resume Preparation : Yes

This Specialist-level course is targeted for storage/cloud infrastructure administrators requiring in depth knowledge and practical lab work with EMC VNX Unified Storage systems. This training covers all the key elements of VNX Block, File, and Unified deployments. It covers integrating VNX block access for open systems hosts (Linux, Windows and VMware ESXi) through FC, iSCSI and, FCoE, and VNX file level access for Windows and Linux user/application environments via NFS and CIFS. Lastly, the course also covers configuration of local replications solutions for VNX systems.

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Training Content


 Understand EMI/EMC Concepts, Definitions, and Requirements  Understand military and commercial EMI/EMC requirements  Explore EMC Methodology, Environments, and Measurements  Calculate electromagnetic propagation  Understand EMC Modeling and Analysis  Master EMC measurement, modeling, and analysis techniques  Analyze EM Propagation and Crosstalk  Understand EM Hardening Techniques  Master Unconventional High Power Electromagnetic Threats  Analyze potential EMI problems by identifying the source, the receptor, and the coupling path  Harden electronic systems using the appropriate EMC protection technique(s): grounding, bonding, shielding, filtering, and printed circuit board design

Who Should Attend

 Engineers and system architects  EMC/EMI specialists (engineers and technicians)  Technicians  PCB layout professionals  IC designers  Applications Engineers  Engineering and project Managers

Prerequisites For Emc Training

Basic circuit analysis, basic electromagnetic field theory

Curriculum for Emc Training

Introduction to Information Storage Data Center Environment Intelligent Storage Systems & Components Of Storage System Raid Concepts Storage Protocols And Topologies Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Network Attached Storage (NAS) Storage Area Network (SAN) Difference Between SAN & NAS, FC SAN & Ip SAN Technologies Introduction To Fiber Chanel And How It Works In SAN FC Layers & Fabric Port Types and Fiber Connectors Cables & FC Well-Known Adresses, FC Topologies & Terminology Architecture of a Storage Subsystem and Storage Management Softwares Multipathing Softwares, Storage Virtualization and Storage Tiering Introduction To Business Continuity Management Backup And Archive Local Replication And Remote Replication Cloud Computing Securing And Managing Storage Infrastructure

Introduction To Brocade And Cisco Switches And Various Models Installation Of New Switches Overview Of Fabric Topologies Overview Of Fabric Components, Switch Firmware Upgrade User Account Management, Fabric-Wide Settings & Local Switch Settings Zoning & Types Of Zoning (Port Zoning And WWN Zoning) Along With Practical Explanation Using Cli And Web Tools Gui Using Dcfm Generating Reports Monitoring Switch Logs Inter Switch Linking (Isl) And Trunking Inter Chasis Linking (Icl) Merging Fabrics Along With Practical Explanation Multipathing Software Overview – Powerpath Explanation With Commands Access Gateway Mode, N-Port Id Virtualization – Npiv

Introduction To Emc Clariion Cx Series Architecture Clariion Features, Clariion Management Utilities (Navisphere Manager, Navicli) Clariion Storage Provisioning Traditional (Raid Groups) And Thin (Thin Pools) Provisioning Solaris And Windows Integration Access Logix Powerpath Snapview Snapshots Snapview Clones Mirrorview Configuration & Management Sancopy Configuration & Management Advanced Lun Managaement Lun Migration Data Migration Event Monitor Navisphere Analyzer

Introduction To Unified Storage & Vnx Vnx Management Utilities (Unisphere & Cli Environment) Basic Architecture Of Vnx And Vnxe Series Vnx Models And Features Vnx Basic Components Vnx Modular Architecture Dae And Drive Options For Vnx Series Vnx Features and Vnx Software And Their Components Vnx Storage Provisioning and Thin Provisioning In Vnx Emc Symmetrix (Dmx And Vmax) and Introduction To Symmetrix Dmx And Vmax Series Dmx And Vmax Storage Architecture Differences Between Dmx And Vmax Storage Systems Dmx Director Pairing And Rule 17, Fa, Da & Cache Concepts Symmetrix Mirror Positions and Symmetrix Device Attributes Dynamic Lun Addressing, Symmetrix Management Software Symmetrix Solutions Enabler (Symcli) and Symmetrix Management Console (Smc) Emc Control Center (Ecc), Confiuration Manager and Symmetrix Storage Provisioning Symmetrix Device Creation/Deletion, Forming & Dessolving Meta Devices Mapping & Unmapping, Masking, Unmasking and Symmetrix Thin Provisioning Monitoring Thin Pools and Vmax Auto Provisioning Groups Vmax Fully Automated Storage Tiering (Fast & Fast Vp) Virtual Lun Migration, Timefinder Configuration And Management and Mirror/Bcv, Clone Snap, Srdf Overview And Concepts Srdf Configuration And Mangement and Srdf Synchronous Operations R1/R2 Device Pairs Creations Using Configuration Manager Dynamic Srdf Pairing

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